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I am not indebted to any other credit union, bank, person or credit agency as a borrower or guarantor except as stated above. The statements herein made are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I further confirm that no information in which might affect the credit union’s decision to grant this loan has been withheld. You are authorised to obtain any further information you may require relative to this application from any source to which you may apply and each such source is hereby authorised to provide you with such information. You are also authorised to retain the application and all relevant documentation whether or not this loan is approved.

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IN CONSIDERATION of The First Federal Co-operative Credit Union Limited, a private small business development organization with its Head Office in the Town of Basseterre, in the Federation of Saint Christopher-Nevis (hereafter called "First Federal") considering all or any of My/Our financial or commercial transacts whatsoever with the Foundation, I/We:

Hereby (jointly and severally) AUTHORIZE AND GIVE MY/OUR CONSENT TO THE First Federal to obtain or attempt to obtain from any person or party whomsoever, AND to divulge or offer or to attempt to divulge or offer to any person or party whomsoever, AND in its own judgment require, or that it may possess, as the case may be, notwithstanding any Law that prohibits the giving or receiving of any such information.

AND I/WE also HEREBY GRANT SUCH SAID AUTHORIZATION AND CONSENT to such said other person or party whosoever with whom the First Federal Communicates, transacts or deals in obtaining or attempting to obtain, or in divulging or offering, or attempting to divulge or offer or making use of such said CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.

This authorization is a continuing Authority given to the First Federal by the undersigned.

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